Welcome to DIY Chuppah!

Want to build your own chuppah, but don’t know where to start?

We don’t just feel your pain– we lived it!

Our decision to build our own chuppah was primarily financial– equipment rental in 2012 would have cost $659, and that didn’t even include draping or decorations! Plus, we were concerned about how it would look, so we decided to build our own.

It wasn’t easy. (Ok, that’s an understatement.) We spent hours scouring the web for plans to follow and the only options we found used weights, flower pots, or cake pans filled with cement to anchor them. We didn’t want something that looked amateur because crafty/DIY was not the style of our wedding– we wanted something that would look polished and beautiful! To make it even harder, we needed to be able to transport it in our car– our wedding was 8 hours’ drive away, and renting a truck would have blown a huge hole in our budget. And we were hoping we wouldn’t have to haul a trunk full of tools with us just to put our chuppah together!

We came up with a plan we thought would work, only to watch it fall apart when we tried to put it together. We laughed as we cried, and went back to the drawing board. (In hindsight it was hilarious. At the time, not so much…)

Finally, we came up with something that is remarkably simple, fast and easy to assemble with no tools, and it fit in our 2009 Ford Fusion with room to spare for our luggage and our other wedding supplies. And thus, the DIY Chuppah was born.

After going through so much to figure out something that seems like it should have been a no-brainer, we decided to do a mitzvah and make our plans available to others.

We made this site for you, so you don’t have to go through so much mishigas just to have a nice chuppah for your wedding.

It shouldn’t have to be so hard, and now, with our plans, it’s not. 🙂

Why DIY Chuppah?

We’ve done the hard part for you, so the reasons why you should DIY your chuppah with our plans are simple:

Save Time

  • Researching
  • Shopping
  • Figuring out how to build and fixing the inevitable mistakes

Save Money

  • Costs much less than equipment rental
  • No setup/delivery fees– you or your friends or family can do it
  • Cost to build is around $330

No Worries

  • Looks beautiful with flowers alone
  • Sturdy enough to support a 12-lb floral arrangement
  • Easy to build and transport

The bottom line: We did it the hard way, and it sucked. Let us save you the tsouris.

About the DIY Chuppah

Our DIY Chuppah is simple, sturdy and versatile. We provide the plans for a basic free-standing/self-supporting structure and the draping. You can build it exactly as we did, or you can modify it to meet your own needs.

Our version was designed for ease of assembly and portability:


Measures 7 1/4 feet LxWxH
(87″ or 220.98 cms square)

Fast Assembly

Assembles in 15 minutes
(2 people needed)


Fits in a regular sedan
with room to spare

No Tools Needed

The only thing you need is
a pair of scissors

If your priorities are different and easy assembly and portability are not concerns for you (or if you have access to a truck), you can easily modify the structure to make it larger and more elaborate.

You can also definitely do more with the design/decoration than we did– we went with just flowers because that was easiest and within our budget, and we were content to keep it simple and classic. We are not crafty, don’t sew much and frankly had too many other things to deal with by the time we finally got the basics figured out to explore the many possible design options.

The only limit to what you can do is your own creativity! But the beauty of our chuppah is that if you don’t want to do more, you don’t have to– it will still look polished even without much decoration.

Below are some photos of our chuppah and ceremony to give you a better idea of how the DIY Chuppah looks and how roomy it is. Click the images to view them larger without the caption.

About the Project

With our plans, this is a project anyone should be able to do. Our plans are easy to follow, and no special knowledge or tool-wielding expertise is needed.

Recommended Project Timeline: 12 Weeks

6 weeks to complete the project plus an extra 6 weeks to deal with any errors/issues that may arise. Assuming you are doing this outside of work and family commitments, this is a reasonable timeframe to get this done without it taking over your life.

Total Estimated Work Time: 7 1/2 Hours

This will vary widely depending on how elaborate your design is, how long you experiment with decorating, how many modifications you make, whether you “shop with purpose” or like to browse, and whether there are any ordering/fulfillment errors.

Project Budget: $311-$375 for Parts and Supplies (plans not included)

This budget is based on pricing verified in February, 2015. It does not include the cost of our plans or any decoration except basic ties for the draping. We included estimated shipping to Cincinnati, Ohio of one item, but other than that, floral arrangements, tax and shipping are not included.

Your cost may be less if you can find things on sale. And most suppliers offer free shipping for orders over $50, and the items you would most likely order for delivery would probably qualify for free shipping if you get the quantity needed for the project.

The process is simple and straightforward, with just 4 steps to done:

Step 1

Read the plans in detail

Decide whether you will use the plans as-is or make modifications. Adjust the shopping list accordingly.

Estimated time: 1/2 hour

When done, project is 10% complete

Step 2

Shop/order supplies

Get everything you need to make your vision a reality. Save all receipts and packaging in case of returns.

Estimated time: 2-3 hours

When done, project is 40% complete

Step 3

Do the initial build

Assemble the chuppah and add the draping. Make any modifications needed so it will work for your wedding.

Estimated time: 1 hour

When done, project is 75% complete

Step 4

Finalize your design

Get creative and decorate! Create your dream chuppah that matches your wedding colors, style and personality.

Estimated time: 2-3 hours

When done, project is 100% complete

You can complete this faster than our recommended 12-week timeline if you have more time to devote, but don’t wait until the last minute to get started. Things can go wrong, and the last thing you want to deal with during the final weeks before your wedding is making your chuppah. You need to allow time for shipping delays, to return/replace any mistakes and to play with the design.

And maybe a moment to breathe while you’re in the throes of wedding planning isn’t the worst thing…

It’s best to start this early and hopefully finish early– once it’s done, it’s done and it will keep just fine until your wedding.

What You Get

We give you everything you need to get the right parts/supplies and make your own DIY Chuppah:

Detailed Shopping List

A detailed list of all parts and supplies needed with photos, specifications, and where to find them.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Detailed assembly instructions with photos to walk you through the process step-by-step from start to finish.

Unlimited Support

Ask questions on our website or by email. We reply within 1 business day (M-F excluding holidays).

We have done our best to make everything as clear and user-friendly as possible, but if you have questions or need help, all you have to do is ask!

You will have access to the plans until the day after your wedding. If the date changes, just let us know and we will extend your access.


Below are answers to some of the most common questions about our DIY Chuppah. Please read them carefully so you can judge whether our chuppah plans will work for you.

If you have questions that are not answered below, please contact us— we will do our best to help you make an informed decision. We want you to be as happy with your chuppah as we were with ours (or even happier!), so if our chuppah is not a good fit for you, we will tell you so.

MUST READ: Can you guarantee this will remain standing and is safe under any conditions?

Our chuppah was designed for easy no-tool assembly and portability. After testing it, we were comfortable that it was sturdy enough, so although there were additional steps we could have taken to strengthen it, we didn’t feel they were necessary.

It worked well for us, but our wedding was indoors, so wind and a level surface were not issues for us. (It rained that morning so we went with Plan B and moved indoors.)

If any of the following circumstances apply to you, you should consider making modifications to our plans:

  • If your wedding is on the beach or at an outdoor location where the ground is not level— a bit of difference in the level of the ground should be fine, but more than that could affect the chuppah’s structural integrity. It would probably work fine, but you should check it at your wedding site ahead of time and may want to make some modifications to be sure.
  • If it might be windy at your wedding— the chuppah is not designed to withstand high winds. It probably would, but you may want to make some modifications to strengthen it and secure the draping.
  • If anyone (children or adults) will lean on, hang from or swing from it— if anyone disturbs the legs more than a little bit, it could affect the structural integrity. It also will not support the weight of a person leaning against it, or hanging or swinging from the top frame. We had no problems with the many small children at our wedding, but if you are concerned, you can modify the structure to make it stronger.

Our design is very solid and should work well either as-is or with modifications for any situation. But ultimately this is a DIY project, and if you use our plans, you do so at your own risk. We are not architects, engineers or carpenters, so we can’t guarantee the chuppah will remain standing or intact under all circumstances– nobody can.

If you are concerned it is not sturdy enough after you complete the initial build and test it for yourself, you can make some simple modifications to further secure and reinforce it.

MUST READ: What is your Refund Policy?

Because what you get when you buy our plans is information that you cannot “un-see,” we are unable to offer refunds.

Please review the information on our site carefully before you buy, and contact us if you have any pre-sale questions. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you assess whether our DIY Chuppah will work for you.

Who should NOT buy these plans?

Our plans are great, but they’re not right for everyone. Here’s who should not buy our plans:

  • If you want a turnkey solution that doesn’t require you to spend time and effort on shopping and building your chuppah, you’re better off renting and paying someone else to do your setup, breakdown and decorating. This is very much a DIY project, so you have to be willing to do the work to make it happen– it won’t build or decorate itself.
  • If you want a chuppah that is more traditional, with a tallis on top, tree branches as legs and people holding it (instead of having one that is free-standing), our plans are not for you. Our chuppah is much larger than a tallis, the structure is modern rather than nature-inspired, and it’s too heavy to carry.
  • If you can’t lift 30 lbs, you will have difficulty putting this together, so unless you have someone reliable who can help you, this is not a good option for you.
  • If you don’t have 2 people who can assemble it on the day of your wedding, you’re better off renting. It is too big for one person to set this up or break it down by themselves.
  • If you don’t have at least 3 weeks before your wedding (preferably much more!), you may not be able to complete the project in time, so you’re better off finding another solution.

What is the budget for the project?

We built our chuppah for under $300 in 2012. Prices since then have gone up a little bit, so the current budget for parts and supplies is $311-$375 (the cost for our plans, flower arrangements, tax and shipping of anything you have to order online is not included).

If you’re a good bargain-hunter, you may be able to find many of the items you need on sale, and you can reduce or avoid shipping costs by getting everything (or most things) in stores.

Where do I get the parts and supplies?

All parts and supplies can be ordered online and shipped to you– we provide information on where you can get them, including links to exactly what you need on vendor websites.

You can probably find most of what you need locally if you have the following nearby:

  • a home improvement store (Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menard’s, etc.)
  • a home goods retailer (Target, Sears, Walmart, etc.)
  • a hobby/craft/fabric store (Michael’s, JoAnn Fabrics, Hancock Fabrics, etc.)

A few items are available only from a specialty retailer. If you live near a large metropolitan area, you may have a source near you. We did not (or at least not that we found) and had to order these items online, but it was not a problem.

Can you order the parts and supplies for me and have them shipped to me?

That would be very convenient, and we seriously considered offering it as an option, but we decided not to for 2 reasons:

  • We wanted to keep things simple.
  • We wanted to keep the cost as low as we could so as many people as possible can afford the plans.

If we had to coordinate orders and deal with customer service issues between you and your suppliers, it would make things much more complicated for you and for us. And factoring in the time required to do that would make the cost for the plans too high– it would still be less than equipment rental, but not nearly as much. Plus, you may be able to find better deals on parts/supplies than we did! (Or you may modify the plans to do something even cooler, and use different things than we did.)

So you have to find and buy your own supplies, but we tell you where you can find them and in most cases, we even provide links to the items you need on suppliers’ websites.

How many people are needed to set up/break down the DIY Chuppah?

Because of the size and weight of the chuppah, 2 people are needed to put it together and take it apart safely.

Can we really assemble this in 15 minutes?

Yes, it only takes 15 minutes to put the structure up and drape it if one of the two of you has walked through the process before (during the initial build).

On your wedding day, you will want to allow additional time to use a hand steamer on the draping so it looks smooth and wrinkle-free, and for any decorating needed.

Does the DIY Chuppah really fit in a regular sedan?

It does, with room enough for more luggage and 2 people! Our chuppah made the trip to our wedding in a 2009 Ford Fusion along with us, our luggage and our other wedding supplies.

How far ahead of my wedding should I get the plans?

We recommend you get the plans and complete your initial build at least 3 months (12 weeks) prior to your wedding– that will allow you enough time to fix any problems that could arise, like if you make a mistake ordering, someone sends the wrong thing or you need to make modifications.

Once you have completed the project, you’re all set and can pack it up for transport when the time comes. It’s better to check this off your list early.

How late is too late to get the plans in time to build my own chuppah?

We recommend you complete your initial build at least 3 months (12 weeks) before your wedding. Waiting until the last minute is a bad idea; people make mistakes, and if you order the wrong thing or a vendor makes a mistake and sends the wrong thing, you need to have time to correct the problem.

With that said, it may be possible to get everything you need in just a week or two if all goes perfectly, especially if you live in a large city or can pay for expedited shipping. So if you’re feeling lucky, you could do this as late as a few weeks before your wedding, but we wouldn’t recommend it. It’s just not worth the risk and the stress– that is the stuff wedding horror stories are made of.

We do not issue refunds (see our Refund Policy for more information on why), so please consider carefully whether you have enough time to get what you need and build your chuppah before you buy our plans. We are not responsible for problems that happen due to a failure to plan far enough ahead.

Can’t I figure out how to do this myself?

You absolutely can do this yourself if you have the time, patience and funds to cover the cost of your mistakes. We did, but it took hours of research and a few false starts and mistakes to come up with something that looked good and felt sturdy.

Our plans are not rocket science– anyone can eventually figure out how to do this. Our plans are simply a shortcut for those who don’t have the time to experiment, the funds to pay for mistakes, or the tolerance for frustration when you’re already stressed out from wedding planning!

I’m a wedding planner or facility. Can I buy your plans?

Our plans are available for personal use only— they are for brides and grooms who want to build their own chuppah, not for wedding planners and facilities.

If you are a wedding planner or facility and have a couple that needs a DIY chuppah, please ask them to license the plans directly from us.

Need a little decoration inspiration? Check out our boards on Pinterest for ideas!

Are you ready to check your chuppah off your wedding to-do list?

Get the plans.

It’s the smartest $9.95 you will spend on your wedding if you want to build your own chuppah.

Have questions about whether the DIY Chuppah will work for you? Contact us.

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